Frequently Asked Questions 

Have I ever experienced hypnosis before?

Every person naturally enters a state of hypnosis several times each day. These times are just before falling asleep at night, several times during sleep, and upon awaking every morning. Most people easily enter environmental hypnosis while at the movies, watching TV, driving a familiar rout on the highway, or while reading a good book. 

Do I remain in control while in hypnosis?

Yes. You always choose where to focus your attention, thus you are in control of your mind and experience.  In hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you are invited to relax your mind and body and turn your focus and attention inward. In this open relaxed state, you are receptive to suggestions that are aligned with your goal. You are also able to reinterpret past experiences, beliefs or values in more helpful ways that support you achieving your goal. As a hypnotherapist, I follow the inner wisdom of each client’s Mind-Body-Spirit and allow whatever surfaces to be our guide for that hypnotherapy journey.

I've seen people barking like a dog or quacking like a duck during a hypnotist show. Is hypnotherapy like that?

The goal and intention of stage hypnosis shows are to be funny and entertaining. So silly or embarassing acts like barking like a dog or quacking like a duck make for a great show because each participant wants to be part of the fun, to even have an excuse to respond in playful or unusual ways that they may not in other situations.  

The goal of hypnotherapy is quite different: to be safe & relaxed, to make powerful changes in how you respond to life. So when you choose to experience hypnotherapy as a pathway for growth and success, expect a relaxed experience, expect a compassionate response to your experience, expect change & success in your goal!

Can I get stuck in hypnosis like in the movies?

Hypnosis is very safe and natural state of relaxation and heighten awareness, which is focused on the client’s inner experience, feelings, beliefs, memories, etc.  Any time or if a person’s conscious attention is needed, one in hypnosis will naturally be able to come out of hypnosis to respond accordingly.

Will I remember what I experience in hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not an unconscious state of sleep. In fact, most people report having a heightened sense of awareness, concentration, focus, and hearing. There may be a small number individuals who do not have immediate recall of everything that happened while hypnotized. It is common for the hypnotherapist to summarize the client’s important insights at the conclusion of each experience of hypnosis. Clients benefit from the conscious reenforcement of these helpful insights.


Will hypnotherapy help my situation?

Hypnotherapy has helped many people:

  • replace stress with peace
  • reduce anxious feelings
  • manage chronic disEase & pain
  • reduce migraines
  • restore natural sleep cycles
  • restore ideal body weight & image
  • quit smoking for good
  • prepare for medical procedures
  • accelerate body’s natural restorative processes
  • release fears and phobias
  • recover from traumatic events & abuse
  • enjoy deep relaxation
  • increase motivation
  • change unwanted habits
  • improve self-esteem
  • take tests with confidence
  • speak publicly with calm poise
  • improve job performance
  • improve sports performance
  • resolve relationship issues
  • forgive self and others
  • give birth with more comfort
  • succeed at a goal
  • experience more joy and fulfillment


How is hypnotherapy effective in so many situations?

Hypnotherapy is a gentle process that allows for direct communication with the inner subconscious mind that directs all of our automated reactions, body functions, emotions, habits, imagination, memories, perceptions, creativity, etc. Through this direct communication, clients are guided through processes that reprogram the Mind-Body-Spirit. And literally create new brain and nervous system connections, and subsequently beneficial beliefs and perspectives that result in accomplishing the intended goal!  Because hypnotherapy addresses how experiences are mapped or programmed in our Mind-Body, it is helpful in many diverse areas of our life experience.   

The mind is your creative intelligence. Your mind is your most powerful resource.

If you don’t believe you can have it all, you get to choose how much less than all you get.

Harvey Cohen